The Southern California Endurance Series is two self-supported endurance rides, with the San Jacinto Enduro  possibly coming back this year, and the Stagecoach 400 going into the 9th year for 2020.

Start times and routes will be provided, it’s up to each rider to bear full responsibility and understand of the ride and their demands. These rides are intended for experienced backcountry cyclists. Like other self supported events, there are no entry fees or prizes, though ride completion times will be published.

Rules (adapted from other self-supported events)

  • Ride your bike, self-supported, under only your own power, along the entire route.
  • No pre-arranged support, no outside assistance of any kind. This means you should be prepared take care of yourself and not burden any other person. This includes but is not limited to navigation, mechanical assistance, and medical, and psychological support. No caching of food, water, or anything else. Any food, water, etc, acquired on route must be from public sources, ie stores, restaurants, spigots, etc.
  • Prepare & behave in such a way as though you were riding the route entirely yourself.
  • Don’t break the law.
  • Understand that you are on your own, 100% with no outside assistance at all. These events take place on open routes with other users including motor traffic, hunters, etc, and will lead you through very long stretches of open wilderness where food, water, and medical assistance can be very hard to come by.