Ideas a-flowin’

So we’ve had some emails & trailside discussion.

The timing for November is getting a thumbs-up, as is a takin’ it easy, grill & chill philosophy.

The thought at the moment is we can start in Idyllwild, sans autos, and head out on some guided rides through our most delicious singletrack in May Valley. From there we can make our way across the mountain, perhaps with permission on some private property that parallels the highway (dirt > than asphalt) and find ourselves in Pinyon, where we’ll have a mid-day feast waiting & a possible bail-out point.

From there… we can point downhill toward Palm Canyon. Yes, there’s a palm oasis down there!


3 responses to “Ideas a-flowin’

  1. Depending on dates, I’d like to make this one.

  2. Well, suggestions are welcome Chad! I’d prefer not to interfere with the 12 Hours of Temecula, Nov 15th.

    How about earlier?

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