It’s On!!!!!!!!

So we are on it this year.

  • Date:  October 24
  • Startime: Prepare for Early……like real Early
  • Place: Idyllwild, CA and the surrounding San Jacinto Mountains
  • Route: It’s going to be BIG

In the process of solidifying camping for friday and saturday night…….Route will be up shortly.

So for now mark it down on your calendars and check back often for updates.


7 responses to “It’s On!!!!!!!!

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  2. Awesome!!! Clearing my schedule today!!

  3. Brendan and Mary,

    Sounds like fun! Will and I will definitely be there! Keep us posted on where we can camp.

    Oh, and we’ll have to chat about course options for me! hehe


  4. Cool, will do guys!
    PPE, you’re gonna love it. Big views, big climbs, great singletrack descents.
    Tiff, we’re juggling between two options for camping now, both are good and fairly close to a store for (beer) restocking. 🙂

  5. I’m there. Those are about the same stats as the Julian Death March – should be fun! The trails here are even better. Can’t wait to see what route you have come up with. -Ian

  6. I JUST now stumbled on this! DOOOOH!

    GREAT idea!….If you’d /ablelike to allow me in on the deets I’d be stoked…

    I hate doing this kinda ride solo!


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