Enduro Update, 10/7- RSVP Info, Mary’s Presentation

The cue sheets are verified & we’re just about ready to go!

The route has closer to 11k in climbing, NOT 16k. Again, that’s 11,000 ft in climbing, not 16,000… sorry for the confusion. We have local superstud, Todd Carpenter to thank for verifying the route & cue sheets with his supergadget.

RSVP info– drop an email to sanjacintoenduro@gmail.com if you plan to attend. You will receive a digital copy 0f the map, cue sheets, and other relevant ride & camping information. All attendees must RSVP!

Ride start time is 6am.

We will have two Tour Divide veterans in attendance, though only one is racing… the other is pregnant and will likely be seen around camp eating for two.

On that note, mark your calendars for Mary Metcalf-Collier’s Tour Divide presentation at the Rainbow Inn, Idyllwild on October 21st. There will be a wine & cheese reception at 5:30pm, followed by a slide show & lecture from 6-7pm. It’s free! Dinner to follow at the Gastrognome.



4 responses to “Enduro Update, 10/7- RSVP Info, Mary’s Presentation

  1. Sounds like fun.

  2. Scott Armstrong

    Yikes. I need to get riding a bit more to survive this sucker.

  3. Aughhhh! Committed to other events that day. Damn! Roll it hard and long!

  4. We’ve received a good number of RSVPs already. We’re tuning the cue sheets just a bit more now, and will be sending them along with maps, camping & start info later today.

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