SJ Enduro ’09 is in the books!

And what a great time it was.


41 starters, 38 finishers.

Big props to the hard-men at the front of the pack, with Guy Sutton & Kenny Gioeli pushing a blistering pace and finishing the complete route at 1:21pm clock time…
Props also are due to Dan Mc Cormack & Stephanie Guadreau-McCormack on their all-day Enduro experience, working through navigational challenges and exhaustion. There were a lot of good experiences out there, lots of smiling faces back in camp.

Big props are also due to trail angels Mary Metcalf-Collier & Rachael Gollub, who took it upon themselves to provide treats to all the ride participants at the summit of the May Valley climb. The brownies really were wonderful…

The final results are up here, on the Results Page.
Mary’s pics are up here

Keep your ears on for this event, and possibly others, to spring up again.

Rubber Down,

The Enduro Non Management


2 responses to “SJ Enduro ’09 is in the books!

  1. Huge thanks to the non-management, non-support crew, and everyone else non-involved!! This was such a killer event. Great course, great people, and a super day. Thanks so much for the planning, route, and good times.

  2. Will this be happening again in 2010?

    sits perfect between the Socal Epic 50 and the 12hrs of temecula 🙂 in a non-race way

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