Stagecoach 400 Early Info

The route is only 90-95% finalized at this time, but we wanted to go ahead and announce the event to give plenty of time to prepare. 

We will be gathering and publishing the GPS route and cue sheets here as soon as possible. Until then, a rough descriptor of the route will get your gears turning:

Leave from Idyllwild, CA on Friday April 27th
– ride to Warner Springs by way of the California Riding and Hiking Trail & Lost Valley road. Some great cafes & roadhouses in this area.
– approx 14 miles of pavement to Mesa Grande rd.
– Black Canyon rd to Ramona
– San Diegito River Trail (flat tire city)
– Lake Hodges (fun singletrack, Mexican food)
– Torrey Pines State Park… bike paths
– urban area through San Diego into Balboa Park, San Diego Bay- dip your toe in the water
– east via bike paths and dirt toward Alpine, Descanso
– climb into the Cuyamacas
– doubletrack through the mountains
– descend Oriflamme Canyon
– pavement on S-2 to Pinyon Mountain rd.
– headlong into the Anza Borrego desert, Fish Creek wash. Beautiful country.
–  narrow gage railroad bed to Kane Spring
– around the southern tip of the Salton Sea via agricultural roads
– more gravel road where possible to Niland, near Salvation Mountain/Slab City.
– long stretch of canal access road and railroad access road to Mecca
– past the dinosaur from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
– through the Desert Cities. Lots of 50’s modern history here.
– into the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm
– up and around back into the San Jacintos and Idyllwild.


3 responses to “Stagecoach 400 Early Info

  1. are you going to have a list of pariticipants entered posted at any time? just wonder….

    • Ruth,
      We will have the start list posted later in the week and continue to add to it as it grows. As we do updates, we will put up posts to the blog, so subscribe on the homepage.


  2. hope you know that warner springs is CLOSED. All facilities. Undergoing sale to the Indians.

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