Cues, First 117 miles

We got these written over the weekend, and will continue to turn them out as quickly as possible. Ditto for the GPS track. 

This first section takes us from the San Jacinto mountains out through grassland and into the river valleys leading to the ocean. It is nearly 75% dirt with the final 40 miles or so coming into San Diego on multi-use trail.

Download here in Excel: stagecoachcues

Download here as PDF: stagecoachcues Sheet1


11 responses to “Cues, First 117 miles

  1. So we pass right near my house in the 1st 117 miles am I allowed to sleep at home that night and host other riders? or would I need to camp/hotel it?

    i’m new to this self supported racing thing.

  2. Afraid not, since your house is not a public place.

  3. hi, i am sorry i don’t want to ask a zillion questions, but if I do this I need to fly from PA and book it soon and it’s def an expense for me so I have some logistics questions. Can i post those here? also, i see on the cues you made some notes in regards to potential basic refuels/water options along the route…thanks so much for that! Although I know they aren’t 100% (& I’ll do my own research as well) but when coming from a trip with the route known by some people but not others, it’s a big difference to get ready…..

  4. Ruth, yes for now this is as good a forum as any to air your questions. (we’re working on that too)

  5. Ruth also check out this thread on STR

    I’m sure lots of ? and logistics stuff will be talked about here in the coming weeks.

  6. Is there any time limit to complete? It might take me 5 or 6 days to complete the 400 miles. Is that too long/slow? I’m no youngster, or racer either…

    On your cue sheet, at Mile 20, shouldn’t that be Highway 371, not 243 into Anza? Also, the cues from 26 to 41 are pretty hard to follow, at least from what I can see on Google Maps and Delorme.


    • Mark,

      We’ve thought long and hard about this and have added a 5-day time limit. Of course, this is all public land, so you can keep riding as long as you want. It just won’t be counted on the results if you come in after 5 full days.

  7. I too would be flying there from out of state, what is the closest town to fly into? Do you know approximately how many feet of elevation gain there will be in the 400 miles? Is most of the mileage on double track trails? With some pavement, dirt roads and single-track? Will it be difficult to find water and food along the way? Or are there long sections with no place to get water or food? And, will there be plenty of stops that would have hotels or do you have to camp all the time? Any idea of temperature swings, how low at night and how hot during the day? Thanks so much.

    Thanks, Chris W.

  8. Mary, I’ll be flying from Texas. Can I ship my bike and equipment to the bike shop via UPS ahead of time? I’m concerned about being able to take it in an airplane.

  9. Hey all,
    Palm Springs is the closest town to fly in to, though Ontario will have more frequent (often less expensive) flights.
    As for lodging: this is a bike packing race that happens to go through some urban area. How you sleep will be your decision based on whatever research you do on the route. I believe it would be very difficult to comfortably find a hotel every night.
    The route is not particularly “climby,” though it does have some teeth in rolling sections heading to the ocean and again goimg up to Cuyamacas and later into the San Jacintos.
    Temps really can be anything. Anecdotally, we’ve had snow in the mountains on this weekend the last two years. More recently we’ve had unseasonably warm weather… and as I look out our window I see a very light snow falling. Cross your fingers for moisture in the desert before race day, it will make Fish Creek wash and other sandy sections faster.
    Temps in the Imperial Valley (check weather for Brawley) could be moderate to very hot, depending.
    I am continuing to generate the gpx file as quickly as possible. I’m an admitted GPS reluctant; we wanted to announce the route ahead of the file in the interest of giving everyone maximal prep time. More cues and files will be coming in the next several days.
    As for shipping your bike, we can handle shipping, buildup, and return, no problem. Get in touch with us directly at the shop.

  10. Hey guys not pressing just wondering if I’ve missed an update somehow beyond the first cue sheet? Any gps files available yet? Thx

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