Start List is Full, Wait List is Up

We filled pretty darned fast this year.


It took about 24 hours to fill up. Didn’t sign up in time? Don’t despair. We have a wait list started, and there aren’t many people on it yet.

Other info to know right now:
– In lieu of entry fees, which we never charge, we will suggest a donation of two cans of food. We are working with a local food bank on this, we will provide more detail soon.
– We still need to make a gpx track & cues for new first loop. The non-management’s calendar is kinda full right now, but has a non-managey day set aside for it on Oct 2nd. If’n any of you are available to knock it out before then, please let us know.
– We will host a pre-ride of the critical Singletrack section from the first loop, plus the entirety of the second loop on September 29th. Kinda like we did last year. Love connections and all, maybe.
– Seriously, get on that wait list if you weren’t one of the lucky callers. K?
– We will have an email list going out with all the pertinent info. Start time, location, camping info, all that stuff. That’ll come around the time of the new gpx file.


14 responses to “Start List is Full, Wait List is Up

  1. Just want to verify that I’m on the waiting list.

    Thanks, Greg Schultejann

  2. Please place me on waiting list for 2012 enduro.

  3. The Non Management

    Greg, and everyone else wondering if you’re in: if you filled out an online form to sign up for the Enduro, you’re in. We will list it out soon.

  4. I’ll go knock out the first loop to get the gpx file. Tell me the variations from last years route and I can do it this weekend.

    • Chris, thanks for your offer. I think we’ve got it covered, but not until next week.
      If you’re up for giving it a crack anyway, that’d be great. The course is the same until we get to Idyllwild… but the entry into may valley, and the trails down there are different. Shoot me an email for details if that helps. Brendan at thatbikeshopIworkat dot com.

  5. Brendan,

    I signed up for the Wait List on September 16. I’m now seeing my name on the ’12 Start List. I take it I’m in?

    • Mark, I believe you were at the start of the wait list, so you should be in if you’re on the start list.
      We will do our best to shake out the start list and get any waiters sorted out ASAP

  6. Any chance you are going to post the Wait List? Not sure if I’m on the top or 20 deep and hoping to get some sort of idea of my chances so I can plan accordingly.

    Also, I think there may be a double entry on the start list Scott Harvey from San Diego is on there twice!

  7. Is 2nd loop preride still a go on 9/29? Start time ? Location?

    • Dean, the pre ride this Saturday will not be going off. I’m out of town as it turns out, and we can’t find anyone available to do it. Gps track should be available from Kenny shortly.

  8. I know I am a little slow on the uptake and might not be looking in the right spot; Did I see a update that the start/finish is back to the yellow post site?
    Where will the GPS track be posted, Geoladders? How to be notified of posting? Anyone else planning to bust out a pre-ride of the critical 2nd Loop points?

  9. Oops I meant first loop changes. 2nd loop is the same, right?

  10. Is this the wait list??

  11. Please put me on the wait list

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