SJ Enduro Update

We have loads of Enduro changes & updates.


1) The route has no second loop anymore, at least not in the format we’ve used before. The more remote, “western style” second loop in the Wagon Wheel/ Morris Creek area is gone. Instead, we will be riding more Singletrack at elevation, near Idyllwild and in May Valley.
Why? Because it is good. And because the non management is hopelessly swayed, influenced by the pressure of a couple Enduro cool kids who’d gone OCD with the whole thing while the non management was checked out on vacation. Hey, pimpin ain’t easy.

What’s this mean? The route(s) are more singletracky for sure. The new big route is shorter than 2011 in distance but probably comparable in riding time. The shorter route is just more fun than it used to be.

2) We will have GPS tracks & cues for both loops ready by next Wednesday at the latest. GPS use isn’t mandatory, of course, but darned close to it. Unless you really, really know these trails you will want to use the GPS track. Especially for the big loop.

3) We will let the start list shake out another week, then set it in stone next Friday. No wait list after that, just a start list.

4) The food drive is for real. Don’t bring last year’s pumpkin pie filling. Fess up the good stuff.

5) There’s an informal pre-ride of the route changes heading out from Hub Cyclery tomorrow, Saturday. Come ride if you can make it. Or come another time. Let’s ride, holler.

6) Here’s the rundown of the routes as they stand now:
“Short” route
Thomas/Rouse/Control rd… Tollgate (same so far)
Idyllwild.. through town, Tahquitz View/South Ridge/Ridgeline/Log Pile/Snakeskin/Spine/2nd Bro/road/Missing Link, etc, home.

Long Route
Thomas/Rouse/Control rd… (Same so far)
Rattlesnake/Fuel Break/The Big O loop/Hub/Idyllwild…
Through town for restock…
Tahquitz View/South Ridge/Middle South Ridge/Snakeskin/Cahuilla/1st Bro/Lazy Bones/road/Bonita Vista/Meadow/road/Spine/2nd Bro/Grindstone/road/3rd Bro/Secret/Missing Link/etc/home.


6 responses to “SJ Enduro Update

  1. Keith Richards-Dinger

    What time will the preride be leaving the Hub tomorrow? I’m guessing either 8 or 9 based on the following from the Hub website:

    Saturday 9:00AM
    Shop MTB Ride – Internediate to expert level ride. Typically 3-4 hours, leaves The Hub Cyclery at 8am

  2. looking forward to riding/racing in a few weeks! thanks again to all you all getting the singletrack on gps.

  3. Changing again? Looks like I’ll have to do another pre-ride. I’ll be up there on the 13th to try and familiarize myself.

  4. Where’s the wait list? Can’t find it anywhere…Pete Kirkham

  5. Chris, we will see you this weekend then.
    Pete, the wait list is on the San Jacinto Enduro page.

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