Spectatorship: How to get your Stagecoach fix

Technology has really afforded remote ultra riding a spectator base.

It really took off in 2008 with Tour Divide, when folks began calling themselves “Blue Dot Junkies,” and it’s been getting better ever since. The tracking technology and resulting ease of spectatorship has arguably helped shine a spotlight on ultra rides, upped the competition level, and brought sponsorship dollars into the sport.

Live Tracking

Stagecoach 400 leaderboard

Stagecoach 400 leaderboard

This year’s Stagecoach 400 will have live satellite tracking (faster reporting than ever before with the Gen3 Spot trackers) for each rider on course, and show overall progress made as well as time splits for segments of the route. At the time of this entry, we are adding names to the leaderboard who didn’t make the first round. The link below will be the same.
Check out the Trackleaders.com page for the 2014 Stagecoach 400

Audio Call-ins on Mountain Bike Radio

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 9.09.50 PMRiders this year will have a phone number provided to which they’ll be able to call in and report their experiences on route. You might hear about tough trail conditions, people stories, or UFO sightings.
Check out the Stagecoach 400 page on Mountain Bike Radio



One response to “Spectatorship: How to get your Stagecoach fix

  1. Is it just me or did Guy take a left on hwy 76?

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