Get it together

Better get your act together

Better get your act together.

The 6th annual San Jacinto Enduro is going off this Sunday.
We’ll be around the bike shop all day Saturday, and hanging tuff at the campground Saturday evening.
The ride starts at 7am this year (you’re welcome) and will depart from the Idyllwild Elementary School, on Highway 243. Easy riding to get there, just a couple blocks from the campground or most any of the local inns. This is where the GPX track starts.
The ride ends at the campground, site #96 with a sign-in sheet. 

Some words about the routes:
The 45 miler is a better singletrack bang-for-the-buck.
The 73 miler is a climby, character-building route that’ll take you a ways out and give you plenty of doubletrack scenery.


One response to “Get it together

  1. Hi Brendan – What campground is everybody staying at? I see a few on the map.
    Thanks – Ton

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