San Jacinto Enduro/ BADGER

So the Enduro is back, but we’re calling it the Badger instead. 


That’s an acronym for “Big Annual Dirt & Gravel Endurance Ride.” We had to change it, because the SJ Enduro went full Enduro and we just can’t stand it anymore.

This year’s ride will be October 25th. And it’ll be bitchen.


10 responses to “San Jacinto Enduro/ BADGER

  1. I assume there will be more info soon?

  2. nevermind! just saw you updated the about. thx

  3. sounds like fun Brendan, sign me up.

  4. And there’s a theme song out there already for it…. Something about badgers, mushrooms, and snakes

  5. Do you have an idea when you will open signups, don’t want to miss it?

  6. Sounds good sign me up

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