Course Correction

April, March, February… March 11th. 

course correction

Suck it, El Nino.

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement. Let’s face it, the Stagecoach 400 was meant to be a March event all along.

After a couple consecutive HOT years, we (the Team Keepin it Real Steering Committee) selected a February start date for 2016. Conventional wisdom would call that “early” but then again we’ve been living in a drought-ridden California for almost as long as the Stagecoach 400 has been running, so we figured we could kick conventional wisdom out the door. Then came El Nino.

Yay, it’s gonna be so much fun! exclaimed some folks, excited for the novelty of riding in the cold, and rain. Well, we decided that’s just not keeping it real.
The “TKIR Steering Committee” spoke, and we’re moving to March 11th. Here’s why:

  • March stays true to the “Spring Classic” spirit of the ride. Yeah you can use it to spring board to other big events.
  • March gives us another month to train, or procrastinate. Your call.
  • March gives us another hour of daylight. (just under 11 hours in February, about 12 in March)
  • Average warmer temps. Average lower precipitation too.
  • We’re less likely to cause trail damage in March.
  • Better attendance. This is a popularity contest, after all.
  • We’re becoming popular in SoCal, and that’s what SoCal folks want.

So there you have it. March 11.



One response to “Course Correction

  1. I am just stoked that I get to procrastinate. It was cool that you had initially scheduled it to start on my birthday, but putting it in march may allow me to at least start with the gang. Thanks for all you do TKIR, it was fun riding with you guys for a few miles last year between black mtn and hodges. Hoping to ride more this year.

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