2017 Stagecoach 400 date announcement

The 2017 ride will start on Friday March 10th. 


This group start ride will be counterclockwise, as we did in 2016. We found it made the ride more pleasurable for most of the group and had a lighter impact on the Anza Borrego Desert section of the route.

The 2017 event will benefit an Idyllwild charitable organization TBA.

Small route improvements pending include more options for riding along the ocean, including a stretch of beach riding available at low tide, and some new restaurant & brewery options throughout the route.


7 responses to “2017 Stagecoach 400 date announcement

  1. Sweet… Count me in.

  2. awesome, Im going to commit to doing it next year, putting it on calendar

  3. Looks like an awesome experience. How do I register?

  4. Stoked, going to try and make it this year

  5. I’m in! thanks for putting it on.

  6. I thought it was March 16th, I will get the PTO request changed to March 10th. See you there!

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