Photo thanks to Brian Ferkins, as he enters the Willows at night

This year we had two new course records!


Ben Handrich 3/21/2022 – 1d21h40m
John Bagge 4/02/2022 – DNF

Grand depart:

Xavier Chiriboga Cordovez – 1d13h21m (new overall course record!)
Abdullah Mustafa – 1d19h18m
Mateo Paez – 2d00h47m
Scotti Lechuga – 2d3h05m (new overall women’s record!)
Jaimie Lusk – 2d3h40m
Tim Tait – 2d4h14m “fat bikes rule <3”
Jesse Boudart – 2d4h15m
Aaron Mcnaught – 2d4h15m “best birthday ever 41years old”
Gregg Dunham – 2d4h16m “a good way to spend the weekend!”
Seth Dubois – 2d4h37m
Jason Shafer – 2d4h49m
Florian Schleich – 2d5h10m
Michael Loftesness – 2d7h17m “f’ yeah!”
Ian Murray – 2d10h10m “Thx everyone!”
Alvin Escajeda – 2d10h14m “everything hurts”
Chas Christiansen – 2d10h14m
Wyatt Spalding – 2d10h42m
Herb Bool – 2d11h11m
Wesley Coles – 2d15h24m
Casey Rhea – 2d19h22m
Troy Sykes – 2d19h22m
Chris Buonomo – 2d19h22m “10 out of 10, would recommend”
Meg Knobel – 2d19h22m “<3 our butts hurt”
Mike Dobransky – 2d21h32m “wow!”
Jon Dominy (old Man) – 2d23h35m
Brie Hevener – 3d4h10m
David Vandenberg – 3d4h10m
Carlos Garcia – 3d6h46m
Graham Goff – 3d7h28m
David Wilson – 3d7h30m
Brian Moran – 3d7h31m
Emily Elliott – 3d11h01m
Jafet Aguilar – 4d7h18m
Ed Mason – 4d7h18m
Bryan Ferkins – 4d7h56m
Zane De Leon – 4d8h01m “thank you!”
Paul Turner – 4d10h42m “F’ING WIND.”
Mike Ingram – 5d10h24m
Sarah Mulholland – 5d10h24m “woot!”
*Gregory Ruben Shoats – 7d7h52m (had to skip significant portions of the route due to mud)


David Greif
David De Sotomayor
Kevin Emery
Sammy Crane-solis
Jeremy Tullo
Kris Moore
Martin Rodriguez
Brian Ecker
Mark Owen
Rick Rethoret
Carrie Breaux
Christian De Groot
Sean Martin
Mario Ibarra
Edgar Solis
Mike Hatalski
Matteo Pistono
Christian Redfearn
Rodolfo Sales
Erick Podwill
Mikey Hanrahan
Sean Mankiw


David De Sotomayor