2023 Stagecoach 400 Sideshow

The Stagecoach Sideshow takes off March 17th from Idyllwild running clockwise (desert first) on the route, one week ahead of the Grand Depart. We are adding this to give more options and to better accommodate demand— but the Sideshow will have to be a smaller event because it is running clockwise.
The ride is self paced; just like the Grand Depart and you can go at whatever speed you would like. We will provide cues & gpx files with deeper dives into points of interest along the way and (optional) schedules for riders wishing to sync up and ride together on a similar pace. We will identify accommodating camp spots & things to do along the route for sub-5 day, and sub-4 day paces.
Riders will be expected to follow standard self-supported guidelines to be considered Stagecoach 400 finishers. Satellite tracking will be provided.

The Sideshow is not a race— it’s for anybody who’d like to see the route differently. Previous Stagecoach finishers, backcountry tourists, “soft ITT’ers” or anybody hunting for the FKT (funnest known time) are all welcome to join!

As usual, there is no prize, and no entry fee, but we will be raising funds for the Idyllwild Outdoor Education Booster Club, helping provide kids learning experiences in the great outdoors.
This ride will be smaller than the Grand Depart, with lower rider entry cap. Registration will be opened concurrently with the Grand Depart, sometime around the new year.


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