San Jacinto Enduro

The San Jacinto Enduro is back, set for October 28, 2017

What is the Enduro?
The Enduro started in 2009 to jive with the Arizona and New Mexico Endurance rides, which were blowing up at the time. Loosely organized, long, hard rides that brought experienced backcountry riders together to camp out, talk about riding, and get out in some scenery they’d otherwise maybe have a hard time coming by on their own. The Enduro is like that too. It’s a single day ride, with 45 and 75 mile options, following self-supported guidelines, (read the about page) celebrating our area roads and trails. We’ll tabulate times via a sign in logbook and discuss the ride afterward with cold drinks. Typically, we support a local cause too.

What isn’t the Enduro?
It’s definitely NOT an Enduro race. Sorry if you had the wrong idea!

What is the riding like? 
It’ll be an early start, in the chill of the morning, with a bunch of riding on potentially rutted roads, with steep climbs, rocky areas, sandy areas, and sun exposure. The 45 mile loop carries the bulk of the day’s climbing- approx 6500 ft- (sorry, it’s not a lot “easier” than the 75) with the total climbing for the 75 somewhere around 10,000 ft of gain.
The ride will be hot, cold, dusty… with a little bit of highway riding and will share OHV roads with off road traffic. On the flipside, the riding will show you epic views, bring you to special places, and can introduce you to new styles of riding.

What’s the rest of it like?
We will gather in a public camping area TBA, share food and swap stories. Show off your camping rig, kick bike tires. What more could you want?