2013 Start List

Name: Aaron Boatman Hometown: Lake HAvasu City
Name: Andrew Chatigny Hometown: Redlands
Name: brian cinadr Hometown: topanga, ca
Name: Carl Forsander Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Name: Carl Muheim Hometown: San Diego
Name: Chris Root Hometown: La Mesa, CA
Name: Colen Gereffi Hometown: Eastvale, Ca
Name: Darryl Pioneer Hometown: San Diego,  CA
Name: David Robison Hometown: Irving, Texas
Name: Dennis Beech Hometown: Cathedral city
Name: Eddie O’Dea Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Name: Eric Brown Hometown: Los Angeles
Name: Eric hunter Hometown: Mammoth lakes
Name: Eric Nelson Hometown: Wrightwood
Name: Erick Lord Hometown: Ventura, CA
Name: Geoffrey Kruse Hometown: San Diego, CA
Name: Gerry Lattimer Hometown: Mission Viejo
Name: Greg Schultejann Hometown: Apache Junction
Name: Guy Sutton Hometown: San Diego
Name: harvey mcphail Hometown: denver, CO
Name: Jason Kilroy Hometown: Carlsbad
Name: Jason Osborne Hometown: Lompoc, CA
Name: Jeff fischer Hometown: poway,ca
Name: Jon Callicott Hometown: Sandy Eggo
Name: Josh Spice Hometown: Fairbanks, AK
Name: Joshua Goodlett Hometown: Portland, OR
Name: KC Fraser Hometown: 29 Palms Cali
Name: Keith Richards-Dinger Hometown: Redlands,CA
Name: Kevin Hinton Hometown: Culver City
Name: Maria Lopez Hometown: Cathedral city.
Name: Mark Erhart Hometown: St George, UT
Name: Michael Grosso Hometown: Los Angeles
Name: Norb DeKerchove Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Name: Patrik Gunnarsson Hometown: San Diego
Name: Rob “Hurt Locker” Roberts Hometown: Burbank CA
Name: Roland Sturm Hometown: Santa Monica
Name: Sam Johnstone Hometown: Julian Ca
Name: Scott Andrews Hometown: Telluride CO
Name: Sean Putnam Hometown: San Diego
Name: Ted Sokolowski Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Name: Terri Wahlberg Hometown: Santa Maria, CA.
Name: Todd Johnson Hometown: Jackson Hole, Wy.
Name: Tracey Petervary Hometown: Victor
Name: Ty Hathaway Hometown: Los Angeles
Name: Tyrel Beede Hometown: Redondo Beach

2 responses to “2013 Start List

  1. We’ve been getting some more (fast) folks since we put this up. We’ll update it from time to time.

    • Hey Brendan, please remove me from the start list. I will not be able to make this event this year. I am definitely interested in doing this next year. I need more “development.” Thanks, David Robison

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