Started late at on Friday the 13th at 8:15am, with cold and rainy conditions throughout the weekend. As the last riders reached Idyllwild, news of the Covid-19 lockdown came in. No recorded ITTs for 2020


Jeff Kerkove – 2d1h15m
Gregg Dunham – 2d8h55m
Rylee Sweeney – 2d15h7m
Liia Sarjakoski – 2d15h24m
Marshal Bird – 3d4h1m
Kevin Emery – 3d10h27m
Brian Moran – 4d2h2m
Dave Wilson – 4d2h2m
Meg Knobel – 4d3h11m
Jeff Fischer – 4d3h11m
Peter Hirsch – 4d3h11m


Mike Ingram
Pat Hurter
Ian Murray
Shelly N Tanya Nani Pino
Loni Binderim
Alex Barnett
Ric Vanderlinden
Steve Howe
Martin Rodriguez
Mateo Pistono
Jan Heath
Sean Sampson
Andrew Palek
Rick Rethoret

Mike Hatalski
Gregory Ruben Shoats
Dan Wheeler
Darren Smith
Randy Antonio
Paul Kruger
William Turner