Stagecoach 400 Registration


*Absolutely, positively, delightfully no support*

Hey all! 2023 grand depart date is March 24th in Idyllwild.
We have a cap as we do every year, and after that there will be a waitlist. Registration will include a donation to a good cause (will be options). 
Registration is FULL for both group starts. Waitlist for the Grand Depart is full. 
ALSO- excited to share that Brendan will be leading a Stagecoach Sideshow ride one week before the GD, rolling out on Friday March 17th! It will be social/fun-focused, but with long hard days and big miles, and some minor route changes (scenic additions) & highlights TBA from Brendan. If you are looking to make friends, have done stagecoach half a dozen times, aren’t really into the “racing” vibe, or maybe you can’t make the GD for whatever reason, you can register for the SC Sideshow so we can get more new faces in for either group start. It will also have a cap and separate waitlist. It will be self-paced, self-supported, and follow the same rules of the grand depart, so you’ll be an official finisher under those guidelines as well, if that matters to you. It will also be on Trackleaders.
We love when people register for an ITT, or a few people do and roll out together, as long as it’s not overlapping with our GD due to parking and other conflicts. Email me if you’d like to do an ITT: 
This all being said- the Stagecoach 400 is simply a mountain bike route. It’s not a race, and you can ride it almost year round any way you’d like. Please respect the organizer and riders and do not poach the event- this puts it at risk for a multitude of reasons. Thank you! 


If you’re interested in doing an ITT, email:

An ITT (Individual Time Trial) starts/ends in Idyllwild, counter-clockwise direction recommended, and follows all self-supported guidelines as the grand depart. We can connect you with Trackleaders to get registered, and we will follow your dot around the loop! It’s fun! 

If you’re more interested in a self-paced tour without worrying about any self-supported guidelines or tracking, or plan to start somewhere other than Idyllwild, enjoy your ride! But do not register for an ITT. 



14 responses to “Stagecoach 400 Registration

  1. Boom Shakalkalaka Boom!!!!

  2. Guess I’m not the first one to register then…

  3. heard rumor of some minor rerouting this year, any info? or just use the 2013 gpx?

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  6. Curious when the 2015 Start list will be updated? and when the GPX file will be available? and if there will be any type of que sheet. Thanks

    • Paul, we will update the start list every week or so as the entries fill up. We will also delineate which route folks will ride via the Trackleaders page when we set that up.
      Updated GPX & cues coming around March 1st.

  7. Awesome! Thanks Brendan, I’m getting Stoked!

  8. This going to be Epic!

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  10. Conflicts w the Aotearoa….but may ride the course in January during a warmish spell.

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