Eszter Horanyi sets fastest women’s time of 52hr16min which holds til 2022!

Jay Petervary sets fastest overall time of 44hr05min which holds til 2013!

Caroline Soong, April 2012 – 4d6h15m
Mark Allen 12/22 – 4d17h13m


First Last Date Out Time Out Date In Time In
Jay Petervary 27-Apr 10:30 29-Apr 12:28
Rick Hunter 27-Apr 10:30 29-Apr 4:32
Eszter Horanyi 27-Apr 10:30 29-Apr 6:10
Jason Benford 27-Apr 10:30 29-Apr 7:15
Cale Wenthur 27-Apr 10:30 29-Apr 7:15
Keith Richards-Dinger 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 1:30
Dyla Snodgrass 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 2:17
Eric Nelson 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 6:18
Rob Roberts 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 9:30
Tracey Petervary 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 9:52
Joshua Weinfeld 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 9:55
Roland Sturm 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 9:55
John Taft 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 12:19
Jai Ralls 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 15:16
Katherine Wallace 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 19:50
Cliff Claremont 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 20:14
Stan Potter 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 20:14
Jill Homer 27-Apr 10:30 30-Apr 23:55
Sharon Sell 27-Apr 10:30 1-May 10:18
Michael Braun 27-Apr 10:30 1-May 10:18
Rich Wolf 27-Apr 10:30 1-May 16:45
Jason Kilroy 27-Apr 10:30 2-May 19:30
Gerry Lattimer 27-Apr 10:30 2-May 19:40
Chi Miranda 27-Apr 10:30 2-May 20:30
Steve Horton 27-Apr 10:30 2-May 0:27
Laurie Horton 27-Apr 10:30 2-May 0:36
Favorite memory from the last few days
Too many… Thank u! A very diverse course in many ways…
Getting back  —
Running over a snake. Häagen-Dazs bar in Anza
Mrs. Singh
Confederate flag bandana
Finally figuring out my flat tire problem after the 4th one.
Hike a bike… pain cave x1,000,000
First 24 hr push ever!!
Huge vistas – Day/Night
The Entire Ride SO FUN 🙂
Riding through the night , tunnel around Del Mar
Awesome! Thanks
Amazing experience. Surreal.
OMG Friggen Amazing. Loved it! It hurt a lot! 🙂 Thank you
Thank you very much 🙂
Too many to list. Incredible!!!!!!!
Nelson beer at Alpine! And the ride wasn’t bad either
can’t think right now
My Butt Hurts. Upbeat experience. When’s the next one?
Best Adventure Ever


JasonBenfordSan Francisco,CA
JoeBermanPhoenix, AZ
RobertBernhardSan Diego, CA
MichaelBraunAnchorage, AK
CliffClermontCarlsbad, CA
BrendanCollierIdyllwild, CA
MaryCollierIdyllwild, CA
SarahDomuratSan Diego, CA
JasonEddySan Diego, CA
KCFraser29 Palms, CA
ErnestoGaytanSan Diego, CA
ColenGereffiLa Habra, CA
SergioHerreraArcata, CA
ScottHollandSan Diego, CA
JillHomerLos Altos, CA
EszterHoranyiCrested Butte, CO
LaurieHortonOceanside, CA
SteveHortonOceanside, CA
RickHunterBonny Doon, CA
DionIsselhardtSaratoga, CA
JasonKilroyLaJolla, CA
GerryLattimerCosta Mesa, CA
TaylorLideenPhoenix, AZ
ErikMathyAlameda, CA
AlMaxeyCalett, VA
RickMcElmanCarmichael, CA
ChiMirandaCarlsbad, CA
CarlMuheim IIISan Diego, CA
EricNelsonWrightwood, CA
JayPetervaryVictor, ID
TraceyPetervaryVictor, ID
StanPotterSan Marcos, CA
JaiRallsSouth Pasedena, CA
JimRedquestSan Diego, CA
KiethRichards-DingerRedlands, CA
RobRobertsBurbank, CA
KarlosRodriguez BernartDeltona, FL
JoseRojasSan Antonio, TX
GregSchultejannApache Junction, AZ
SharonSellAnchorage, AK
MattSlaterEmporia, KS
DylanSnodgrassSan Francisco,CA
ScottSportsmanNorth Vancouver
RolandSturmSanta Monica, CA
GuySuttonSan Diego, CA
ChrisSylviaCarlsbad, CA
JohnTaftMill Valley, CA
CarterTaylorBrawleyWild, CA
NickTeagueSan Diego, CA
KatherineWallacePhoenix, AZ
JoshuaWeinfeldHollyWild, CA
CaleWenthurSan Diego, CA
RichWolfJulian, CA

3 responses to “2012

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  2. My penis has finally forgiven me. 12/week training makes 10+hr days hard. Time for a new saddle.

  3. It was a terrific route, thanks for putting it together! My spring highlight with so many memorable moments.

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